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Feel better instantly, Move Easily & Return to your pre surgery shape faster!

Abdominal support binder for men

Abdominal Surgery
Belly Band Support Wrap

   The importance of wearing a belly band is so vital for your well being after surgery. The most important aid you can have to heal from Appendicitis, Hernia or Abdominal related surgery is the Belly Band from AbdoMend.

   AbdomInal binders compress tummy and decrease pain & stress. Improve walking, moving and focus easily on moving around. A practical post surgical product used in medical studies show that binding and compression is vital for faster recovery after abdominal surgery!

Oil, Binding and Massage are proven remedies to assist in your healing and full recovery.

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   Most abdominal surgeries don't require much hospital time, so most o your healing will be done at home. The Abdomend support binder allows for you to have a more comfortable recovery, while also remembering to follow the doctors orders and don't push it before you're ready!

   Rebound more quickly with AbdoMend™ binders! Medically shown through studies to improve mobility, abdominal compression is a must after surgery. The most important aid you can have to heal from a Hysterectomy, Myomectomy or Appendectomy surgery is a Belly Band and Strap by AbdoMend™. AbdomInal binders decrease pain and stress with improved walking, moving and circulation.

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